Thursday, 2 May 2013

Haircut time and dealing with Phobias

I gave in a lopped his long ginger strands off! He has a real big phobia of having his hair cut so I thought it was best to shave it really short so the time inbetween haircuts would be longer..

I have no idea how to deal with his terror when it comes to the hairdressers or at home and it really upsets everyone involved.

I thought being 3 he would have some understanding that it wouldn't hurt him but he doesn't..

Do you have a child that was afraid? How do I deal with this situation? Help!

Friday, 22 March 2013

ColourB4 - Review and Giveaway!

Here is my video review for an amazing product called ColourB4 which is a beach and amonia free colour stripper for your hair. Watch the video to see my results ;)

ColourB4 have very kindly donated a box to be given away to one lucky reader! All you have to do is comment below and tell me what your favourite colour to dye your hair is!!!

I will randomly select a winner in 2 weeks time (5th April) GoodLuck!!

(Please leave a Twitter name or contact with your comment)

You can follow ColourB4 on their WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE and TWITTER :)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

When Sound Hurts

It's weird as this is something that I've never experienced before : sound causing pain.. But the last few days I've experienced Fibromyalgia pain, which I'm pretty sure is what it is.

I have deadening pain down my left arm and right leg. It feels like when you bash your elbow into a door. That deadening sharp pain.

Nerve pain is something I've always experienced on and off but yesterday I was feeling particularly bad and everytime the door closed/toilet flushed or the toddler shouted out, it sent little electric currents of pain down my body.

Suffering from Misophonia already, those noises are a pain in the bum so to speak but I've never experienced physical pain from sounds before.

Unfortunately, other that shutting myself in a room with earplugs there's no way to escape everyday sounds!

Do you suffer from Fibromyalgia? How do you manage your flare ups when medication fails to work? Does sound effect your pain?

I'd love to hear other people's experiences!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Little bits of February 2013

February has literally whizzed by! Lots of key things happened this month, Rocket turned 3! Had his first day of PreSchool, I had Norovirus and ended up on a drip up the hospital! We had visits from both Grandparent, went to Jimmy's Farm, I celebrated my 1 and a half stone loss since 3rd January.. Rocket started eating fruit! Great Grandma got her funky wig and I took Rocket to the playground ALONE (walked!)

All in all a fabulous month and now we are raring to go in the Spring sunshine!