Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Weigh in

I honestly never thought I'd feel this good losing weight. Over the years the word 'diet' had such a negative feel to it and I found it easier to just starve myself to lose the extra pounds.
I remember at school I didn't eat or hardly drink for 9 days following a relationship break up and I lost 2 stone in those 9 days , but of course most of that was water weight and as soon as I ate again the weight came back.
I've spent many years of my life yo yo dieting and I really do believe I've messed my body up in more than one way, but now, I know I can do it differently, healthily and slowly.

Tonight I weighed in and had lost 4lbs this week bringing my total loss since January 3rd to 12lbs and my goal for next week is to hit my first stone and I'm so excited!

Now the visions I had of me looking better in the summer, not having such a hard as sweaty time walking round town are looking more like a reality and if I could do 1 stone loss a month then I really do feel I could reach my goal of being a healthy bmi by the end of the year.

It's such a massive challenge but the feeling I get knowing I've lost pounds each week spurs me on and right now I'm feeling great!

I'm going to...

Britmums Live!

So excited! I missed last years as I chose to go to Cybher so this year I am off to Britmums as it looked like I missed the fun, plus hoping to be with baby! Who knows! But I think being more parent focused it will suit me better at the present time.

I have a roomy too! The fantastic Fi from Childcare is Fun! Who I met last year at Cybher and had a good laugh with so I'm excited to see her again.

This year I won't be taking photos so I can concentrate on meeting people and listening to the talks. I'm also hoping to lose 3 stone by then! I know that quite a large amount but im sure with the help of my slimpod and eating healthily, I can do it! Ive already lost over half a stone in 2 weeks!

So yeah.... Hopefully I'll see alot of my online friends there as when I went to Cybermummy in 2011 I had a fantastic time!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Gym Bunny!

I'm writing this from a disappointingly warm bath (our house heating and water run from the because we've had the heating on, we haven't got much got water!)

I just did my first work out in many years!

I have a personal trainer for 1 hour a week who knows about my HMS and is working with me to build up my core strength. He's great, I felt confident in my first session and managed to do 30 minutes of (low intensity) cardio and also some weights.

I had absolutely no clue of what I can do (hence why I'm paying a personal trainer!) but I'm incredibly pleased with what I pushed myself through today. Though towards the end it was getting very tough.

Now (in my even colder bath) my legs are aching and other muscles I forgot I had! So I've taken my cocodamols and am just waiting to see if it triggers a HMS flare up or not. I so hope not seeing as il be doing this every week from now!

Who would have thought it, 2 weeks into January and I've lost 8lbs and have started the gym! I'm hoping 2013 is the year where I get myself back to who I used to be!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

I'm Losing it!

Hahaha that's right, in a sense :P

On the 3rd of January I started Slimming World, alongside Thinking Slimmer and I'm now just over 2 weeks in and have lost 8lbs and got my half stone award! yay!

I have a tremendously long way to go but it's working and best off is its healthy! I had been on Lighterlife and Cambridge, dazzled by the promise of rapid weightloss and fast results and I was sucked in and yes, I did lose weight but I was depressed, deprived and starving!

The thing I love about slimming World is that you can eat practically everything meal wise you had before (as long as you modify it and cut out fat!)

So 2 weeks in and also starting Personal Training at a gym connected with a doctors (I'm not talking sweaty heavy stuff yet) I will be working to strengthen my core muscles and as I lose the weight, hopefully I can increase my fitness levels.

I'm happy and learning to appreciate that 3lb is a decent amount to lose a week! I was slightly disheartened.. but the way I'm losing it is healthy, safe and more likely to be long term!

I hope you can follow me on my journey to a healthier life!

Pabobo Dream Theater Review and Giveaway!

It's no secret that Pabobo are my favourite children's brand for lighting, we were lucky enough in the past to have reviewed their products and a couple of weeks ago we were sent their Dream Theater which is brilliant!

It can either be a stand alone nightlight/mobile or mounted on the wall, We have a bookcase so we rested it on top of there, as Rocket is almost 3 and likes getting his hands on things he shouldn't. So its up high away from curious hands!

The Dream Theater has a brilliant function to it! As well as a rotating projection light, it has 2 settings of either lullaby or nature. The music will stay on for 15 minutes, meaning you don't have to get up to turn it off and the light will continue for 45 minutes before turning itself off. There is a brilliant feature to it as well, the light will come on if the sensor detects crying!

The Dream Theatre is the first rotating lamp with an LED too!

Rocket absolutely loves having his light on at night and even if his eyes are too tired to watch, he likes choosing which sound setting to have on. I've also found it easier to get him into bed and know that I have a 15 minute grace window of music ;)

I would hand on heart recommend the Dream Theater, there's no downside in my eyes, the only thing I wish it did do was play music as well as the light when in sleep mode.

You can buy the Pabobo Dream Theater from John Lewes and they have a RRP of £64.00

Luckily one reader will win a Dream Theater of their own as Pabobo have kindly donated one as a prize.

All you have to do is answer the following question in the comments:

What product on the Pabobo website would YOU choose? (Please provide the link with your comment)

and Tweet ' win a @Pabobo Dream Theater with @RocketBumBlog '

The winner shall be chosen at random on Valentines Day 2013 (14-2-13) at midday. Rockets Birthday!