About RocketBum the blog!

RocketBum the blog has actually come around after I felt I was pigeon hole-ing my life too much, as much as I love to write about being a mum and bringing up my toddler, that's not all I wanted to focus on.

Whilst my other blog shall continue (and mainly as the parenting blog it evolved into), here I shall be free to ramble and vent about all aspects of my crazy life without limit.

My life revolves around my little boy who was born on Valentines day 2010, 6 weeks premature weighing a grand 5lbs 10oz! He is the light of my life and a kind, fun and crazy 2 year old. Life will never be dull!

I turned 28 on August 1st 2012 and as my baby is growing up and nearing school age in the next 2 years I am eager to find myself again and eventually get myself into a career I will love (If I can decide that is!).

I suffer from Hypermobility Syndrome which has limited what I can do in terms of physicality and it does contribute to my depression but I am trying to accept that this is how my life is and to make the most of the things I CAN do. I also have Misophonia which is extremely hard to live with!

I am one half of the production company Xreme Productions, we make films, music videos and work on projects for other people (including editing). I myself do baby and family photography. You can find out more at www.xtremeproductions.co.uk on Twitter @xtrmprdctns and on Youtube www.youtube.com/xtremeproductions

I welcome you to follow me on my journey into the unknown!

For those of you who are curious as to where the name RocketBum came from... it was actually  nickname my godmother gave my son as he's constantly running around like he has a rocket up his bum :P and I guess the name has just stuck!

Please feel free to contact me at RocketAndBee@gmail.com and on Twitter @RocketBumBlog

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