Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Peppermint Bath Salts!

After spending literally hours looking for things I could make for Christmas presents, I stumbled over a gorgeous idea of making candy cane bath salts! (Scented with peppermint oil). It looks so pretty when displayed and its also really good for your skin! Here's how I did it:

You will need:

Epsom salt
Sea salt (I used course)
Food colouring
Peppermint oil
Mason jar or similar

First you need to get 2 bowls and mix the Epsom salt in one, along with the peppermint oil and red food colouring. Make sure you thoroughly coat it well so the cover and scent is even. Then get tr next bowl and mix the course sea salt with the peppermint oil (I used about 6 drops in each bowl but you can add more or less depending on personal taste.

Once you have the two bowls mixed well, take the jar and tilt it to the side (this will help provide the candycane effect) I think you are supposed to use a funnel for this bit but I didn't have one so used a teaspoon.

Layer slowly, the White Sea salt then the red Epsom salt and repeat until you've come to the top of the jar. Make sure you compact the salts down or they may crumble when turned upright.

If you've stored the jars and salts for a while before you gift them, you can always add a few more drops of the peppermint oil in the top to refresh the scent!

That's it! A gorgeous smelling simple but beautiful gift! Best thing is it can be tailored to different occasions! Valentines day you could use rose or jasmine oil... Cheer someone up with and orange or yellow jar with orange oil! The list is endless!



  1. Great idea! Definitely going to try this, thanks for sharing :)

    1. Your'e welcome! Glad you enjoyed my post, do let me know if you try it :)

  2. I LOVE this idea so much! I'm deffo going to do this for people for Chrimbo. Where did you get your mason jars from? x

    1. I got my bigger ones from QD which is a value type store and the smaller ones I got from Asda :) x