Saturday, 17 November 2012

Start of a new era

Today is when I move over to RocketBum the blog officially. I know I have had this blog for a little while now but it was slightly dormant as it was confusing running the two. The mummy life will no longer be self hosted and will exist on basic wordpress and I've just spent the last 3 hours copy and pasting my entire blog into word so If it all goes tits up then I wont lose any of those important posts from when Rocket was a little squidge!

The last week we went to a fireworks display across the road from my parents house but Rocket hated the banging so much he pretty much freaked to the point we couldn't take him and he ended up hiding in my dads computer room with my dad.. I felt bad for the little scrap as even a week on he is telling me the fireworks are gone and they are sleeping.. in a desperate bid for reassurance! I'm really hoping next year at 3 and a half he will enjoy the fireworks and not miss out.

I've been totally snap happy recently and have been taking christmassy photos and have ended up with over 50 from which I now have to chose the best for a Christmas card and I cant choose! argh!

I'll leave you with a few catch up photos ;)

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