Friday, 18 January 2013

Gym Bunny!

I'm writing this from a disappointingly warm bath (our house heating and water run from the because we've had the heating on, we haven't got much got water!)

I just did my first work out in many years!

I have a personal trainer for 1 hour a week who knows about my HMS and is working with me to build up my core strength. He's great, I felt confident in my first session and managed to do 30 minutes of (low intensity) cardio and also some weights.

I had absolutely no clue of what I can do (hence why I'm paying a personal trainer!) but I'm incredibly pleased with what I pushed myself through today. Though towards the end it was getting very tough.

Now (in my even colder bath) my legs are aching and other muscles I forgot I had! So I've taken my cocodamols and am just waiting to see if it triggers a HMS flare up or not. I so hope not seeing as il be doing this every week from now!

Who would have thought it, 2 weeks into January and I've lost 8lbs and have started the gym! I'm hoping 2013 is the year where I get myself back to who I used to be!

1 comment:

  1. Well Done You!!!
    Slow & steady weight loss PLUS exercise = a happier & healthier you xxxx