Thursday, 17 January 2013

I'm Losing it!

Hahaha that's right, in a sense :P

On the 3rd of January I started Slimming World, alongside Thinking Slimmer and I'm now just over 2 weeks in and have lost 8lbs and got my half stone award! yay!

I have a tremendously long way to go but it's working and best off is its healthy! I had been on Lighterlife and Cambridge, dazzled by the promise of rapid weightloss and fast results and I was sucked in and yes, I did lose weight but I was depressed, deprived and starving!

The thing I love about slimming World is that you can eat practically everything meal wise you had before (as long as you modify it and cut out fat!)

So 2 weeks in and also starting Personal Training at a gym connected with a doctors (I'm not talking sweaty heavy stuff yet) I will be working to strengthen my core muscles and as I lose the weight, hopefully I can increase my fitness levels.

I'm happy and learning to appreciate that 3lb is a decent amount to lose a week! I was slightly disheartened.. but the way I'm losing it is healthy, safe and more likely to be long term!

I hope you can follow me on my journey to a healthier life!

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