Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Weigh in

I honestly never thought I'd feel this good losing weight. Over the years the word 'diet' had such a negative feel to it and I found it easier to just starve myself to lose the extra pounds.
I remember at school I didn't eat or hardly drink for 9 days following a relationship break up and I lost 2 stone in those 9 days , but of course most of that was water weight and as soon as I ate again the weight came back.
I've spent many years of my life yo yo dieting and I really do believe I've messed my body up in more than one way, but now, I know I can do it differently, healthily and slowly.

Tonight I weighed in and had lost 4lbs this week bringing my total loss since January 3rd to 12lbs and my goal for next week is to hit my first stone and I'm so excited!

Now the visions I had of me looking better in the summer, not having such a hard as sweaty time walking round town are looking more like a reality and if I could do 1 stone loss a month then I really do feel I could reach my goal of being a healthy bmi by the end of the year.

It's such a massive challenge but the feeling I get knowing I've lost pounds each week spurs me on and right now I'm feeling great!


  1. I AM SO FRIGGING PROUD OF YOU!!!! And yes I am shouting as I am that proud and can not wait for that confident feisty you to get out and about this summer xxxxx

    1. Thanks so much Kerry, it's so fab to have my friends support :) xxxxx

  2. Well Done!!
    You'll feel better & better as the pounds disappear which will keep you motivated.
    This is soooo much better for you, (doing it healthily) than the diets where you starve yourself & your hair falls out!

    1. I already feel better :) and it's crazy tht I even attempted Lighterlife! never again! xx