Friday, 22 February 2013

1 and a Half Stone!

This week I reached another goal mark thanks to Thinking Slimmer alongside SW.

Me *cringe* at my heaviest 09/11
Me last week!
I am now 1 and a half stone lighter than on January 3rd and I am feeling fabulous about it all! I fit into a size 22 top (bearing in mind i was 24-26 to start with!) My size 24 trousers are really baggy and I'm positive I've gone down a Bra size! (Although I'm hanging on to get remeasured as the Bras I get cost a small fortune)

I have discovered my waist again, which had slowly been morphing into the rest of me and I generally have alot more energy.

I have decided to no longer see the personal trainer as it was just too much for my HMS and I was getting pain flare ups more than reaping any benefits of the workout. I now intend to swim once a week.

Being independant is such a great feeling!
A big achievement for me happened yesterday... I WALKED Rocket to the playground and we didn't even take a buggy. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and I felt amazing (although knackered) that Ive made this milestone as its a a step to my main goal of being healthy enough to play with my son this summer!

Coaching with ThinkingSlimmer is going fantastic! I couldn't thank the SlimPod more for helping getting my confidence up to move more and eat less!

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