Friday, 22 February 2013

Give a Fork about your Pork!

We were invited out to spend the afternoon at Jimmy's Farm in Suffolk on Monday, where we were given a tour around the farm by Jimmy himself to discuss the importance of being able to trace where your food has come from.

Jimmy is part of the ‘Red Tractor’ assurance scheme, this means that all the Pork that comes from his farm has a Red Tractor logo on the packaging. It is important to keep an eye out in the supermarkets for this logo which means you have complete traceability of where the meat has come from and also a guarantee  on hygiene and cleanliness from farm to packaging. You are also choosing good animal welfare standards.

The farmers that are part of the Red Tractor logo are proud to be and go through rigorous inspections. Over 78,000 farmers and more than 500 food packers and manufacturers work to the Red Tractor standard and are independently checked, verified and inspected.
Growing up, my mum made us Pork dishes, chops, bacon, sausages, casseroles, the normal run of what you'd expect. But while I was listening to the talks at the farm I realised that I didn’t know even half of these cuts and what to do with them! Turns out theres a LOT more to Pork than I had thought!!

For a couple of fantastc videos from Jimmy look HERE, HERE and HERE (takes you to the LovePorkUK YouTube page)

You can also find more information as well as some great recipies and ideas on the LovePork website.

 We had a brilliant day out and would like to thank Jimmy and his collegues for inviting us!

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  1. The meat from Jimmy's farm is delicious, you can really taste the difference when compared to run-of-the-mill supermarket meat.
    They also really care about the welfare of their animals which is important to me.