Friday, 22 February 2013

Rocket turns THREE

My little man turned 3 on Valentines day and he has blossomed into a cheeky feisty and fun character! We had been struggling with his behaviour, but literally just as he turned 3 he seemed to have a mental growth spurt and now won't stop talking, which although annoying ;) is also wonderful as we get to hear the million thoughts that run through his head daily!

So for his birthday, daddy had the day off and it was a great day centred around family and friends. We had our lovely HomeStart lady in the morning as Rocket opened his presents and showed off his Rocket Tshirt I had made ( By Rocket and Rose).

At lunchtime we went to the local soft play which is HUGE and a few of his little friends came from nursery and also we got to meet the lovely Laura and O :-)

In the evening we went to my parents house and had dinner and opened more presents! Rocket had a fantastic day and I don't think it could of gone better really!

I cant believe my once 5lb 10oz baby is now a PRESCHOOLER! eekkkk!

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